Harnessing Abilities: WORKING on Inclusive Employment Opportunities
August 23, 2022 8:00am-4:00pm
Prairie du Chien H.S. Performing Arts Center

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Harnessing Abilities: Rounding Up Resources

Large blue suspension bridge made out of legos with two lego construction workers figures and one lego supergirl figure standing on the bridgeTransition has many parts! Harnessing Abilities: a Transition Summit gave us some great insight into the world of transition. Rounding up Resources focuses in on some of the main transition topics so families and providers can get some more in-depth resources to promote successful transitions.

Harnessing Abilities: Resource Round-up is a partnership of Aiming for Acceptance (A4A), CESA #3, and the Southern Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

Upcoming Rounding Up Resources Nights in 2022

Bridging the Gap: Youth Health Care Transition and Staying a Step Ahead

When a student/child turns 18, their health care changes too. Come and learn how to assess readiness to take charge of health care. Come and learn some skills that can be taught during the teenage years to prepare the student to take charge of health care. You can stay a step ahead. Presented by Tim Markle. Tim is a parent of 23-year old on the Spectrum and Director of the Southern Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

Recorded 1.12.22

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Looking Ahead: Financial Planning for the Future

What will happen to your child when you are no longer around to take care of them? How does the ABLE Act of 2014 impact their future? This workshop is designed to help families plan for the financial future of their child(ren), or other dependents, with special needs. Learn about eligibility for government benefits while helping to meet the needs for lifetime of care and quality of life issues. This presentation will cover estate planning, ABLE accounts, guardianship, wills and trusts, and Letter of Intent. CRN-202106-249120

Presenter: Bob is the father of a son diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is also the survivor of a 1975 car accident that resulted in 22 orthopedic reconstruction surgeries. Consequently, he understands disability as both a parent and a patient. He is the founder of Special Needs Planning, LLC. Bob is a member of the Board of Directors for the Autism Society of America, a past president of the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin, a parent representative with the Governor’s Council on Autism, a member of the Board of Directors of The Ability Center, a member of the Academy of Special Needs Planners, and founder of the Community Resource Network. Bob is committed to helping families through the maze of legal and financial complexities that surround planning for the financial future of people with special needs. He does not charge consultation fees. Bob and his wife, Jody, are co-inventors of a learn-to-swim “assistive floatation device” called Paddler. Paddler is licensed to Kiefer Aquatics, the internationally recognized innovator of the aquatics industry. Paddler is available through Amazon, Kiefer Aquatics, The Lifeguard Store, Swim Clubs of the Southwest, and All-American Swim.

Bob Johnston is a registered representative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. (www.SIPC.org) 10401 Innovation Drive, Suite 125, Milwaukee, WI 53226, 262-955-6636. Special Needs Planning, LLC is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC, or its affiliated companies. AR Insurance License # 7320518. Paddler is not an endorsed product by MML Investors Services. Kiefer Swim Products is not affiliated with MML Investors Services, or its affiliated companies. CRN202412-1396742

February 9, 2022

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Disability Work Benefits: Navigating Work and Support

Having a job increases self-esteem, brings in income, support social development and so much more! But it can be tricky working and receiving support. Luckily there are Work Benefits Specialist who can help. We will be joined by Amber Kwiatkowski, Benefits Specialist at ERI.

March 2, 2022

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Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship (YA) integrates school-based and work-based learning to instruct students in employability and occupational skills defined by Wisconsin industries. Local programs provide training based on statewide youth apprenticeship curriculum guidelines, endorsed by business and industry. Students are instructed by qualified teachers and skilled worksite mentors. Students are simultaneously enrolled in academic classes to meet high school graduation requirements, in a youth apprenticeship related instruction class, and are employed by a participating employer under the supervision of a skilled mentor. Darla Burton from CESA #3 will be our presenter.

April 13, 2022

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Recordings from 2021

Supported Decision Making booklet cover

Supportive Decision Making & Decisions About Guardianship

There are alternatives to guardianship. Supported decision-making empowers individuals with disabilities to make informed decisions about their life that protect their rights and ensure their safety and privacy. It involves family and friends working together to help them make complex decisions. Presented by Tami Jackson, Public Policy Analyst and Legislative Liaison for the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD)

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Special Needs Financial Planning
If you’ve been searching for special needs financial planning advice, you’ve probably noticed that there are not many people that can answer your detailed questions. Families, often overwhelmed and busy with other areas of life, need help developing the habits and planning skills needed to ensure that the entire family will be provided for. How will you care for yourself? How will you care for your child for the rest of their life? Do your plans now, help to guarantee the security of your family’s future? Join us for a discussion on Special Needs Financial planning to see what areas are similar to traditional planning, and what areas are quite different. Presented by Joel Dettwiler. Joel Dettwiler, ChSNC® is a financial planner and special needs planning consultant with the Quantum Group, in Onalaska, WI. Joel works with families throughout the Wisconsin & the Midwest in the areas of Family Financial Planning, Social Security, Medicaid, ABLE Accounts, Special Needs Trusts, and Letters of Intent. www.quantumplanners.com

Recorded November 11, 2021

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Planned by Aiming for Acceptance, CESA #3, and Southern Regional Center of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.